Josh's Dream of Jim

Last night I had a strange dream.. Usually I don't dream colorfully and most of the time I can't remember my dreams or they don't have any significance. I enjoy the music of the Doors but I only own the greatist hits album, and i wouldn't consider myself a huge fan, even though I really like the music. I had no reason to even think of The Doors, or Jim Morrison in my dream, that is why I wanted to write to somebody who might appreciate this along with myself.

I was sitting in a room with no doors or windows, and no way out. It was a comfortable room with deep carpet, couches, and stereo equipment. I was sitting next to Jim Morrison discussing music, the rock and roll of today, and the events of the world. I explained how I was sickened by the demise of good rock and roll, and the changing culture in America; dedicated to rap and r&b (which was how I was apparently feeling at the time). I could feel a great sadness that had come over Jim and I could feel that he wanted to leave. Frantically, I told him we could play some good songs to make him feel better, but he had turned almost transparent, and then turned into a bright light, which came at me very fast and through my head. Everything had turned white and all i could see was a picture of Jim's head etched into the brightness, with a slight watermark like image of the room in the background. It was then that I woke up and was unable to sleep the rest of the morning.

That is the best description of the dream I can make. I'm sure it was a little bit more distorted than that, and the conversation that takes place was more like telepathy rather than actually exchanging audible words. It really meant something to me though... I was replaying the dream in my head all day.

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A Puzzling Dream of Jim