A Puzzling Dream of Jim
by David Lilly

Part of a dream last night involved a large 3 section building. It was either an apartment complex, school or office building. Whatever, Jim Morrison was there and he had to use the toilet (this probably stems from my reading here of him lying on the recording studio floor while the 'urine stain spread' as he pissed himself) and wanted to privacy/solitude. the only bathroom was WAY over on the opposite side from where he was so he walked WAY over to where it was. When he got there, there were 3 or 4 of his friends/colleagues hanging out in the bathroom, and one of them was sitting on the toilet tank and resting his feet on the lid. He didn't throw a fit or anything - just became frustrated because he not only didn't have access to the commode, but couldn't get the privacy he wanted either.

Call me crazy, but I understood and FELT his frustration. Soon after that I woke up.

This is the latest of several dreams I've had involving Jim or Jim and the band.

(This was posted in the original Waiting For The Sun Yahoo club on 23 March, 2001.)

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A Puzzling Dream of Jim