Jim Morrison's Astrological Chart Interpretation

This chart was prepared by a professional astrologer who was given Jim Morrison's birth information, but who did not know his identity.

Born December 8th, 1943 at 11:55 am in Melbourne, Florida

Your Most Important Cosmic Factors:
Four or more planets in Air signs

Your mind is your most valuable asset; you could be an intellectual. The world of ideas is important to you. Intellectual companionship, seminars, books, magazines, films, and educational cassettes interest you. Feeding your mind is just as important as feeding your body. School can be the place for you.

TIP: In the words of Robert Anton Wilson, "You need to learn more about everything, including how to learn more."

People fascinate you and you tend to regard them in a detached manner. Consequently you enjoy teamwork and social interactions more than most folk. Sentimentality does not figure highly in most of your relationships.

You can excel in any field that requires negotiation skills. Sales and writing may be avenues of pursuit. You have an affinity for abstract reasoning, codes of law and ethics - you're very good at perceiving, comparing and communicating. You are much more objective than most people, and probably more liberal in your thinking.

Your weakness is not foolishness so much as it is indecisiveness. Too much thinking can result in lost opportunities.
Fewer than 2 planets in water signs:

Have people said that you are out of touch with your feelings? Do some folks have difficulty conveying their emotions to you? Do you tend to ignore, discount or deny sentiments?

You strive to be emotionally self - sufficient or above it all. Yet, your emotional needs are stronger because they are unconsciously and habitually repressed. Work on compassion, empathy and emotional rapport. It is even possible that you don't have much past life experience as a human being on planet earth. In that case, as you age and mature you can become more sensitive to the feelings of this world.

TIP: Water is a chief symbol for feelings. Bring the water element more into your life. Get a hot tub, water bed, fish tank, fountain, and pool. Live closer to a great body of water. Lend an ear to someone who worked with feelings. Listen to Beethoven's 9th symphony.

[Jim certainly appeared to have his share of problems in his emotional life. I am not at all versed in astrology, so it is particularly interesting to find his chart in the form of an interpretation. We can see Jim was doing his best to bring more water into his life, living for the most part on the coasts of this country. It is also noteworthy that the only sport he participated in during his school years was swimming, maintaining his love of it when he was finished with school. As for this being one of his early incarnations, I imagine this particular aspect of his chart could point to that, but in his case, we can be sure that it does not apply. ~Aimee]
Five or more planets in Mutable signs:


You're more versatile than most people. You enjoy variety and become bored easily. You're pretty good at adapting to change and going with the flow. In fact, you'd rather go with the tide than against it. Put another way, you're accommodating and obliging. You can adjust. You're good at getting the word out - by phone, by pen or whatever. It's possible that you do six or seventeen dozen things at a time. You're certainly not suited for the Zen approach of one thing at a time; nevertheless, try and focus yourself more. Establish your top two priorities in each of several arenas of your life. TIP: You'll be happier as soon as you determine exactly what it is that you want.
Sun | Contra-Parallel | Mars


You're aggressive and a person of action. You're something of a sex symbol. You have extra potential to develop athletic skills, strength and power. Find the right channel for your aggressive assertive energy.

Sun | Contra-Parallel | Uranus


Paradoxically, you're iconoclastic and yet you fit in socially. Your innovation, charisma and photogenic qualities give you big super star qualities. You will be famous; how much is up to you and your ambitions. Your stars give you much favorable publicity. You do well in acting, astrology and the media.

Sun | Contra-Parallel | Pluto


You're very competitive and not much of a follower. You can create extreme success for yourself. Your willpower, tenacity and resourcefulness are extraordinary. You'd be good at politics and big business.
mercury beyond tropic of capricorn



You have an unusual mind and a unique way of seeing and saying things. Sometimes you do not know how you come up with what you say. You could have some speech difficulties and be a bit shy and introverted. Not too many people accept your free thinking ideas. Feed your curiosity.

TIP: Try your hand at word processing, a second language, sculpting, carving, writing and multi-media management. You could cultivate a very distinctive voice.

Mars beyond Tropic of Cancer


You have the makings to become an excellent musician, writer, fine artist or performing artist.

You could find that your energy runs in cycles with major highs and lows. Sometimes you only motivate yourself through sheer willpower. Other times you have so much energy that you may not feel the need to sleep. Then you can become a dare-devil and a courageous fighter with a furious anger.

TIP: Find an exercise program that you are comfortable with and do the physical thing early in your day. This will take some getting used to. However, in time, you will speed up your metabolism and increase your energy levels.

It may be relatively easy for you to spark up a relationship and more challenging to sustain one.
Mars | Parallel | Pluto


You are a powerful force to be reckoned with. You can overcome almost all obstacles. Your boundless energy can make you a champion in whatever arena within which you compete. You're virtually indefatigable and when others are tiring you do some of your best work. Think of yourself as an endurance athlete. You're a gruesome competitor. You can pursue the most difficult goals. You have a stick to it attitude that gets you through the most dreadful circumstances.

Mars is Retrograde


There is more to your actions than meets the eye. Often times, you do not do what you are told. You do not necessarily obey all of the laws all of the time. Because of this it is important for you to decide which laws you will follow. You need a code to live by to make your life easier.

Are you a candidate for repressed and potentially explosive anger? Do you exhibit passive aggressive behavior? If so, it's a good idea for you to learn healthy and appropriate ways to deal with your anger. Otherwise, your temper may get the best of you. An appropriate channel for these angry feelings might be rigorous physical exercise. Exercises specific to your needs are in the section that follows.

TIP: Beware of displaced or misplaced aggression. Energetically you're not necessarily more docile or lazier than other people, you just use your power and strength differently. You can go off on your own tangent. You can have cycles of unconventional action and sexual behavior. Prominent persons with "retrograde Mars" include Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King. Some places possibly suited to your curious Martian temperament may include Alabama, Albania, Angola, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Japan, and Tennessee.
Mars | Conjunct | Uranus



Excitement motivates you. You have some very fast reflexes and can be drawn to high speed machines and the martial arts. Until you deal with issues around anger it may seem as if you are injury or accident or disaster prone. You can be brutally frank. At times you are fearless, headstrong, and show flashes of uncommon ability. You've a fighting spirit and exceptional energy for unusual causes. For better or worse your friends will play a decisive role in your destiny and fate. You operate by your own rules.

You can thrive on hard work. You do not easily submit to restraint. You can be excited by very aggressive styles of lovemaking. Sometimes you feel almost irresistible urges to change or break free from commitments.

TIP: Take safety precautions and then proceed with energized daring.

You're flamboyant and strong. You can achieve the unusual and the extraordinary. You can develop supernatural sexual prowess.

['Supernatural Sexual Prowess'. . .Hmmm, guess that (at least partially) explains the various women who became (and some who remain) obsessed with Jim. . ;)]


Truly you are a "Jovial Character." You can be: the wheeler-dealer, liberal, optimist, lawyer, solder of fortune or preacher. In some way you are lucky. You tend to get away clean when others may be stopped by the heavy hand of authority. Something about you is very big. You're at least in part naturally affable. You can learn to reach out and network with people in a big way. Expand your limits. Major success is in your future.

TIP: Make it a point to travel around the world. Your destiny requires international people, places and things for fulfillment.

Chiron on equator

You are a "Chironic Character." You're some kind of a mentor or maverick. You can be: a sage, medicine man, shaman, chiropractor, reverend, helper, guide and astrologer. You can face the crowd and show them your unique way of doing things. You have some natural nursing skills. You can develop a phenomenal power to teach or heal. Find the right mentor and then do what they do best.

Neptune on equator


You are a "Neptunian Character." You can be: the idealist, artsie type, movie star, rock star, mystic, chemist, spiritualist, or photographer. You have a great mystique and powerful aura. Like the Jaguar automobile, with plenty of good maintenance and fine tuning you can be a high performer. You're especially sensitive to your environment. Aquatic and nautical themes increase your good luck. For better or worse, your imagination is one of your biggest personality traits. You could be in the public eye a long time. Once you find your guardian angel, all will be well in your world.

TIP: Develop your ability to dance to your own tune, be psychic, musical, and charismatic. Make a big splash with your creations and impressions.

Ascendant in Leo and Sun in Sagittarius

You may come across to others as being dramatic and beautiful. At times you can wear a mask or assume a persona that is regal and childlike. When seeking a mate, be sure to get some respect, friendship and a degree of autonomy. When dealing with a spouse, partner or significant other you may encounter flashes of insight, genius and liberation. At your best you appear to be majestic. At your worst you may seem to be too much for some people. However, appearances are usually somewhat deceiving. For a better look at the real you, read on. Please note that this section of the report is most time sensitive and can be off if your time of birth is not accurate.

Complementary to this, you tend to run your life in a way that's somewhat adventurous, sporty and social. You will go places and learn things. Once you establish the right philosophy to live your life by, you will be halfway to success.
SUN in your chart -- your "stellar" qualities:

Sun in Sagittarius EXPANSIVE


Essentially you're a good sport. The question is, "What's your game?" You can get the power of positive thinking to work overtime. To do so, you must clarify your ideals and pursue your spirit of adventure. The ancients believed that turquoise could counter negative vibes and relieve melancholia for Sagittarians.

Sun | Square | Chiron



Your stars challenge you to find the right teacher or teaching. Either metaphorically or literally, it's possible that you have a wound. Either way, you're something of a maverick, who needs more privacy. Paradoxically, you can heal your wound by healing similar wounds in others. You can become a star by meeting a mentor and mastering special skills. You can develop healing powers. Among other things, you can learn to give excellent back rubs.

Pan galactic forces are urging you to become a wise one. Once you have acquired the true key to your destiny, you can light the way for others, one at a time.

TIP: You can cure some of your alienation by being of service to those who are in quest of a destiny.

Sun | Quintile | Neptune



You can become a star by tapping into the power of your imagination. Stay open and responsive to your personal vision. Get focused. Get inspired. Become aware of how creative you can be both on the job and in bed. Work on non-verbal communication. Use public relations favorably. TIP: You can get extra leverage by using charm to your advantage. You can turn your most pleasant fantasy into a reality. Picture the outcomes you want then make it happen. You have refined aesthetic taste and are better off with original art and live music in your life. You are like a Jaguar automobile. To run smoothly, everything must be tuned. You are keenly aware, sensitive and psychically attuned. Be selective as to who and what you allow around you. To become a star, learn to trust your first impressions and go with them.
Sun | SemiSquare | Venus



You know how to please people and you want to be liked. You can become a star by swaying others with your natural charm and style. You are somewhat warm-hearted, affectionate, social and erotic. Comfort, pleasure and luxury are necessary for you to be you. TIP: Create an equilibrium between pleasure and other senses of your identity.

Sun | Quincunx | Moon


You can become a star by resolving the conflict that exists between your feelings and your will. Put another way, your own actions do not always contribute to your own security. Seek reconciliation. Specifically, reconcile tensions between professional and personal factors in your life. Take steps to cut back on wild mood swings and emotional extremes. To cut back on difficulties between you and the people you deal with, be more giving than receiving, more compromising than stubborn and more humble than arrogant.
MOON in your chart -- your personal "lunar landscape":

Moon in Taurus



Your emotional life is pretty much set in its ways. You stand by your decisions and are more than a little bit stubborn. It is highly unlikely that you will be pushed into a rash decision. Under stress, you dig in. This can create the impression that you're conservative to the point of narrow mindedness. The truth is that you like to move at your own rate which is conservative and methodical. To cut back on stress and find satisfaction, have your neck rubbed. You have definite appetites. You need good food and comfortable furniture. Also, you need to be treated to a sumptuous banquet at least once a week. Eat, drink and be merry. You take great pleasure from your senses and you cycle through regular moods where you need strong, enduring sexual passion. Neck ties, necklaces and scarves accentuate your beauty.

Moon | Trine | Chiron INSTINCTS



You can do great healing work in conjunction with your dreams. Read books that explore dreams in a variety of ways. Write letters with your dreams and mail them to yourself.

TIP: Take a maverick stance to "dream work."

Moon | Sesquiquadrate | Mercury


Your humor and wit can win you friends. Learn to relate to people by learning new communication skills. You can deliver facts in an emotional way. You have a unique interpretation or spin on information. Once you're sure of your convictions, you can bring something genuinely interesting to the communications process. You can cultivate literary abilities. Begin a dream journal. Talk to people about their dreams. Forge new links between the conscious mind and the unconscious mind. Become more aware of the true nature of your emotions. You experience more than an average share of mental tension. You can successfully relate to others by thinking before you speak. Learn to separate facts from fancies. You can get in trouble through rationalizing. When you do what you "should" do and "the sensible thing," rather than what you feel like doing, you can become unhappy. TIP: Learn to trust your feelings and have your brain work to make your values into reality.
MERCURY in your chart -- your "mercurial" character:

Mercury in Capricorn


A conservative tone colors your communication. You speak with the air of authority. You like to be methodical, logical, calculating and organized. You follow procedures. Traditional ideas appeal to you. Read the classics. You're guarded with your own thoughts, words and ideas. You tend to be suspicious, pragmatic, level headed, dictatorial and ambitious.

Mercury | Biquintile | Pluto


Your mind is resourceful, probing and persistent. You are fascinated and at times even obsessed with the mysterious and the unknown. You can become persuasive, cunning and sly. You can become very good at surgery, research, analysis, propaganda, politics and exploration. Be relentless in your mental routines and in time you will gain insight. This will help you find an appropriate outlet for sharing your deepest, most penetrating thoughts and ideas. You have great appeal for the masses. Focus your powers of observation and get a grasp of your situation. Choose the right words and you can convince a gang of people. You have a talent for specialty writing. Your sexual witticisms can open the doors to exclusive places.

Mercury | Biquintile | True Node


Part of the mission that you have incarnated for is to communicate. Expose your mind to stimulating ideas. Cultivate your intellectual interests. Study the past. Talk about the future. Make more social and business contacts. Get involved with public and social planning projects.
Mercury | Sextile | Venus


Imaginative and intuitive, your thinking is colored by emotion. You have good mental agility, you listen and are receptive to other people's opinions. You were born to exchange ideas and enjoy social as well as business meetings. You may be especially articulate, and can be a bit high strung. No doubt your mom could think on her feet. Charming and graceful, you have some tender, lovely thoughts and a clearly defined sense of beauty. You can do very well at creative, expressive and designing activities. You have some great female friends and a penchant for saying the right thing at the right time.

Mercury | Triseptile | Uranus


Small and effective action is better than talk. Learn to speak with quick deeds. To make more money, learn to assimilate more information. Read more technical writing. When you feel that your job can be done by a robot or a computer, it is time for you to think about other jobs. You can make more money by becoming more independent in your thinking and progressive in your actions. You've an intuitive, astute, independent and original mind. For an unusually exciting date, go hear a jazz vocalist. Others will be stimulated by your unique way of thinking. Genius is within your reach. You are ready to stretch the limits of thinking. Find out what a non sequitur is then create conversational bridge to deal with them. You are bound to come up with some original and creative ideas. Be sure to file them and index them and cross reference them and create a plan to put some of them into reality. You are challenged by your own brilliance.

Mercury | Quadranovile | Mars


Your powerful mind and enterprising spirit will help you to realize your plans. You're restless, curious, impatient and need to slow down from time to time to improve the quality of your communication. Fast talking may or may not be appropriate, depending upon circumstances. Reduce the probability of headaches by reducing patterns of nagging self criticism.

TIP: Whisper your passions to another.
VENUS in your chart -- your "Venusian" sensibilities:

Venus in Scorpio



Passion matters to you and your affairs can be an all consuming experience. You're not satisfied with anything less that the total fulfillment of desire. When you do not receive gratification, your love can turn into hate. To increase your powers of attraction: wear black silk and leather, spend money to make your bathroom a more sensuous place, spend money on powerful and provocative clothing.

TIP: Develop a strategy for the safe enjoyment of some of the more extreme forms of pleasure. For example, you may find power a turn on and enjoy restrain and tease games. You have good self control and can be licentious, depending upon circumstances.

Vindictiveness and jealousy can be themes in your life. There is a stormy side to your relationships. If you are a woman, you can attract jealous men. Develop new strategies for both personal empowerment and forgiveness. Your secret research can pay off in a big way.

Venus | Biquintile | Uranus



"Unpredictable" creative energy will find its place in your life. You can be excited by the unexpected. You can be turned on by novelty. Choose to do some exciting things. If you want to be a creative genius, you must free yourself enough to be original. You can develop unique social skills and a flair for public relations. You're a bit self willed, and emotionally intense. "An eccentric is someone with a unusual idea, until they succeed." (Mark Twain)

To be happy, develop the natural sparkle in your personality. Be coy and venture to become an original piece of work and don't let others take you for granted. To be delighted, create some unconventional relationships. In your love life, when things happen it can be sudden, surprising, fast and not necessarily long in duration. Feel free to do things that are cute and kinky. You have a switch that can turn your emotions on and off abruptly; and you have the unique ability to jump start romance.

Venus | SemiSquare | Chiron


Connect with a group of like minded individuals. Join together with more social mavericks. For instance, you could find happiness in a writers or artists co-op, or a meditation or healing circle. Spend and earn more money in new age ways. For example a variety of seminars, creative works, individuation processes and mentoring sessions can all benefit you. The key to success in to do it in groups as opposed to going it alone.
MARS in your chart -- your "martial" self:

Mars in Gemini


You have plenty of intellectual energy and you go get what you want by speaking up, speaking out and saying what's on your mind. People with new ideas and new ways of thinking turn you on. Your voice is emotionally charged and can inspire others to action. If you want to win, you must compete. To gain a competitive advantage, you need to stir up your sexual juices. You're naturally flirty, fickle and capricious. Probably like to have little fights just so you can play kiss and make up games. For you, sex is somewhat mental and intelligence is a turn on. A good way for you to act on new ideas is to activate new lines of communication. A well thought out walking program and some light aerobic exercises would nicely complement your lifestyle and bring you down to earth in a positive sense.

JUPITER in your chart -- your "jovial" character traits:

Jupiter in Leo


Natural exuberance and openheartedness may win you some friends. Grand ambitions and an appetite for special consideration colors your life. You've a flair for pomp prestige and for overdoing things. Take more pride in your body and a sweet lover will give generously to you. You do need your share of luxuries and pleasures: including favorite toys and forms of amusement. Give people a good show and they'll give you their money. Get your act together and take it on the road. Jupiter literally means "to break bread with" and by Jove, some wholesome foods for your special needs include: Sesame seeds, fresh local strawberries and almonds.

Jupiter | Conjunct | Ascendant


Jovial and generous and interested in everything, that's you. Your optimism and cordiality can serve to encourage others. Try to remember that you do not always know best. Once you pay more attention to others and do your own thing, you will have learned a great lesson.

Jupiter | Square | MC


If you focus a great deal of your energy, ability and resources, enthusiasm and cordiality win you big points in the professional world. You've got what it takes to become a winner. With a good measure of caution, you can win big victories.

Jupiter | Binovile | Uranus


If there is confirmation in other sections of this report, you can try enough new things and solve enough problems to become free, become optimistic and become uniquely yourself. In other words, you can be a genius and you can be a success. It is predictable that from time to time you will experience sudden and major changes in your outlook, religious beliefs and philosophy of life. TIP: Develop your entrepreneurial mind. Innovate, differentiate and take calculated risks. Continually improve your skills and your long range vision. Focus on opportunity, growth and success.
SATURN in your chart -- your "saturnian" self:

Saturn in Gemini


Once you learn to express yourself clearly, you can get past your limits. It is your task to acquire some educational discipline. You may have to pay some dues and deal with awkwardness, clumsiness, shyness and self doubt. You've got some special qualities to your mind and if other sections in this reading give confirming signals, you can go very far once you become realistic and then overcome any communications difficulties you may have.

You are probably not the world's fastest thinker, however you are a deliberate, conscientious problem solver. Part of you is cool, rational, logical, and in possession of mental discipline. You can turn abstract ideas into practical reality. Find an appropriate outlet for your doubts, criticism and suspicions. If necessary, write a letter to the editor or call a talk show. Cultivate more conversational skills and the ability to give and take.

TIP: Pamper your lungs. Do not smoke or submit yourself to secondary smoke. Keep your air conditioner filters serviced and clean. Do some breathing exercises.

Saturn | SemiSquare | Pluto


World problems can be a bummer and you may be better off without the evening news and the daily newspaper. Tune out doomy gloomers. Get your information from divergent sources. To get more power get on line to computerized networks of information.

Saturn | SemiSquare | True Node


To obtain some of your professional goals, you will require approval from the powers that be. There is a dynamic tension between your ambitions and the ruling class. To gain more power, learn more about the historical influence of secret societies.
CHIRON in your chart -- the "chironic" side of your character:

Chiron in Virgo



To get the right job, you need to become more of a maverick. Rearrange your concept of duty. Rearrange your responsibilities. Learn to pull your share of the lead in a different way. Do it in a practical way. Open new doorways to the ideal working conditions. Do it systematically and comprehensively. You can really benefit from some preventative health maintenance. You are encouraged to seek or even become a holistic health practitioner. Work to integrate intellect with instinct and mind with body. You need to learn and then teach something about personal well being. When it comes to the service that you offer to others, become more of a sage.

Imagine for a moment that you're Mr. Spock of Star Trek fame, Yoda the Jedi Knight or Helen Keller mentoring the blind, then give some sagacious thought to creating your own perfect daily rituals.

URANUS in your chart -- your "uraniuan" traits:

Uranus in Gemini


You get a 7 year itch to free yourself from limited and limiting forms of communication. You can find silence unsettling. When you're restless, which can be extreme and often, feed your head new and innovative information. It is likely that you experience some flashes of genius.
NEPTUNE in your chart -- your "neptunian" side:

Neptune in Libra


When it comes to romance and relationships, you're part of a generation that tends to have a blind spot. You give an elegant guise to your religious beliefs. While the media may have you surrounded on all sides by the glamorous apparitions of the perfect mate, it would help if you took off your rose colored glasses and stop idealizing your significant other. It is also probably a good idea for you to steer clear of people heavily involved with alcohol and religious fanaticism. "All observation tends to be self observation." See how many diverse religious customs you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

PLUTO in your chart -- your "plutonian" tendencies:

Pluto in Leo



You're also part of THE ME GENERATION. You're here to find yourself, be yourself and express yourself. The hell of it is that jealousy and power struggles are issues you must squarely face. Jealousy is not necessarily a trait of yours. However, you'll have to deal with the jealousy of your peers and in business.

Your generation can terrorize others with your need for recognition, love and appreciation. When you get into therapy or analysis, a good place to start would be any anxiety and preoccupations with romantic love. Speaking of love and passion, your personality includes a hidden sex animal that is waiting to be uncaged, unleashed and sent on to sexy sports. Be the king or the queen of the jungle. Set the world on fire with your ideas.

TIP: Develop your talents through analysis and self-actualization. Cultivate inner-authority. Express your convictions.

Pluto | Conjunct | True Node



Transform your environment. Make some radical ecological changes. Study history in terms of ice ages. Find out what it means to move heaven and earth.

Pluto | Quintile | MC



Use or lose your life and death powers.

There is a public side to your control issues. Your parents exerted some heavy influence upon yorr character formation. Your career may feature behind the scenes action. You could make an excellent producer.

The MOON'S NODES in your chart -- your past and future lives.

True Node in Leo



It is possible that in a past life you were extremely socially oriented. Too much of your energy was spent on group efforts. To this day your path of least resistance may be giving into your friends and social pressure, but it is not necessarily the way for you to go. In your present incarnation, you need to make greater use of your creative talents. In fact, your spiritual path is to be found in the creative world. Express your uniqueness. If you become more receptive to fun ideas, your future will be more amusing. When it comes to spontaneous adventure, go with the flow. Attune yourself to forces from the future; they are encouraging you to do your own thing. Check in from time to time and see what other creative people are up to. It is possible that in a past life you lived in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay or even Atlantis.

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An Interpretation of Jim Morrison's Astrological Chart