The Father of Chaos

My opinion revolves around re-incarnation. If Jim was this charismatic in this lifetime, who do you imagine he may have been in previous ones?

I once saw a photo of him taken in a small jet and he had on his ubiquitous leather coat and there was a serpent embrodered on each sleeve. Didn't think too much about it until I saw a rendition of the Naval medal of honor.On it a figure is crouched holding a serpent in each hand; the figure is refered to as The Father of Chaos, and to the establishment that is what he must have appeared to be. It may take a bit of chaos to effect a change of reality here, and I sincerely believe that JDM was a 'divine messenger', alerting us on an inner level of this impending reality change.

I think the kings of Egypt had a serpent upon their headress for important reasons. I think JDM understood the meaning and that is why the theme occurs in many of the poems.

J.L. 2003

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