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by laciefae

I think the majority of people who visit this website would agree that Jim Morrison was an extraordinary human being. We all have our particular reasons for believing so; be it his talent, his charisma or his personal strength of conviction. But some of the most appealing things about Jim were his most ordinary of human qualities. I love to listen to the interviews which are available on CD, just to get a sense of his humanity - his sense of humor, perhaps an occasional glimpse into how his thought processes worked. I also love to read the personal accounts of his friends. There was much to love and admire in this man, and yet It can be difficult at times for people to remember that someone as iconic as Jim Morrison was after all, just a human being, with all the weaknesses and hardships which populate the territory.

In reading even the most balanced biography of Jim, it becomes obvious that he was very troubled in some areas. Clearly he was battling tremendous personal pain; this is evident in his addiction to alcohol, in his lyrics and poetry, and in many of his actions. It is quite eveident in the little we know of his personal relationships that he had some significant issues regarding women. And he was burdened by tremendous responsibilities at an early age - the livelihood of everyone in the Doors organization depended upon him, and I believe he felt the weight of that obligation. Yet despite all he had to bear, Jim was prolific creatively, producing a tremendous legacy for one who died so young; a living testament to the enormity of his will and his talent. And even more importantly, he was a man of integrity, which is the most difficult of human strengths, even under less trying circumstances than his own. Perhaps one of the most extraordinary things about Jim is who and what he was despite the weaknesses and trials of being human.

And so, as the 60th anniversary of his birth approaches, I find that with the passing years there is always more to discover, and more to admire about Jim Morrison the man. I look forward to each little glimpse which offers itself in the coming years.

I love you, Jim.
Happy Birthday

7 December 2003  

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