Ode to Jim Morrison

Vision West
The weaning toward Individuality

The tender Woman--comfort there
Better know she's for thy mangood, becoming
And children following
Living Innocence

We sure miss you sweet Billy
Been so long we seen your face
Hope you're w/ Jim, your creator
We love you, come home

Dear boys of tragic rebellion
Come back and do another dive on
Our channel of kingdom-try
Swim here w/ your fishes (party colored)

Think I'll do a survey
Of those beatific experiences
And compare them w/ the
Blessed poverty and persecution of the Saints

It is certain were human
Together trying for joy-freedom
Probing seen & unseen realities
Of this mind & earthworld

Oats & goat's milk was the fuel
For body of Scottish Christians
Or thought born of meat & wine
All evolving to become divine

The liqueur goes to work quickly on the brain
Of those who are escaping reality
I have more bottles to put them in

That's Jim
He came back, he's here
Go to bed
Go to sleep


Tangle, 1994

Copyright 1994-2007 by Tangle/Waiting-forthe-Sun.net

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