To Jim


I  find myself best in hearing words that you once spoke      
You opened your raw inside to all of us
Yet we, with our dangerous adulation pulled you from your majesty
of simplicity and complexity bursting with pagan sorrows and joys
I gather what once was there from rusty recollections and visions
and sounds carefully treasured that I can find solace in
Still trying to understand
of why love comes in a face and a voice and words
How your tremors and ramblings bodily
reach out grabbing inside for some delicate feeling
Searching like an arrow for the drama
of a wave and the sensuality of the moon
You draw me in and I feel the yearning of life mysteries
that no longer seem to exist in this disconnected world
with all its barren beauty and calculations

How scandalous and rapturous you made it seem,
As you felt the pain and touched the earth in a blessed way
careless and reverent
Unwrapping the present and the future in a messy pile
all around you
You take me to a hidden jungle place
twisted, fragrant and truthful
Your eyes encourage and push me - taking me out of hiding
to the divine possibility
Of it all just waiting in the sun

Ms. Mojo

Copyright 2003 by MsMojo/

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